Julia Mayer

My family and I had an amazing trip to the jungle for 2 days with Toto, the best tour guide in the world!
Thanks for this unforgettable experience and: Abuja :-)

Anaelle metais

Super journée ! Magique ! Rencontre avec les éléphants respectueuse, encadrement du guide très bien. Authentique en petit groupe. Vraiment je recommande , loin des excursions bombées ou on ne partage rien. Réellement ravie !


Just had one of the best hiking experience at the start of the new year with our guide, San, at the Mae Tang area. Took a drive out from Chiang Mai, picked up local Thai lunch before heading out to the pristine jungle. Our guide, San, made the experience even better with entertaining and knowledegable tips and stories on jungle living, the trees and animals. San’s specialty - an al fresco lunch on nature made rock table and fresh banana leaves table settings. Definitely will return for more hikes.

Ales, Sonja, Gaber and Andraz

We were there as a family with 2 children (7&9).
Never expected to get such a nice experience and that the children would be soooo involved. Even the 7 year old got to ride the biggest elephant on his own. The crew went well over their call of duty to make us feel a part of the elephant “day”.
I can only recommend it to anybody who wants to experience these majestic animals from a very close view point.
The best part is that these elephants are running free in the jungle during the night and the baby elephant we saw was a product of a “domestic” female and a “wild” male from the jungle. Whoever says this is cruel towards the animals, it is as good as it gets. And no cruelty seen during the whole visit.
I would recommend it to anybody anytime.

PEI PEI to everybody! (go forward in elephant language)

Annika & Viola

In March my sister and I did the two days elephant + trekking. It was wonderfull. It was one of the highlight at our trip to thailand. Our guide San was the best. He is very friendly and he told us a lot. We always had something to laugh. We would book this trip again.
Thanks for these two days, especially to San :)

Donna and Larry (USA)

My husband and I did the one day Toto’s Elephant Training and it was AMAZING! We were the only people on the tour, so we received the VIP treatment from Keng, our wonderful guide! The day was exactly as described on the website, but even better. The trip to the camp gave us an opportunity to see the country-side outside of the city. The elephant we spent the day with was huge! It was evident that the elephants were well taken care of and very happy. The trek through the jungle was an experience I will never forget, but be prepared to get dirty and wet. FYI authentic Karen clothes are provided. The lunch was one of the best we had while in Chiang Mai….who could ask for more than having an awesome lunch while watching “your” elephant feed and explore in the jungle?  To top off a once in a life-time experience, we were taken to a tropical waterfall for a swim to cool off. All the while, Keng was taking photos so we could enjoy our day instead of trying to take pictures.  Keng was THE BEST! Over 100 pictures were part of the price, and are professional quality and were available online that night. If you are looking for a amazing experience from beginning to end, do not hesitate…give Chiang Mai Jungle Trekking a chance!

Antje and Charlotte (Germany)

We had a wonderful day out in the jungle with 2 very intelligent and nice elefants, a very food guide and very friendly mahouts. First we learned elefant language (mainly pei,pei and toi,toi) and than after the elefants had got to konow us we started on a walk for at least one hour. Without a saddle, so it was much more enjoiable . We will never forget this day. Thanks a lot to all of you.

Veronica & Deborah (Switzerland)

Awesome trip! We booked the 3 days trekking trip and ended up having a private tour. We had so much fun with our guide San and enjoyed the beautiful jungle a lot. We had a warm welcome at the Karen’s village and had the great opportunity to spend some hours talking and eating with the locals. What a great experience!  Since our guide grew up in the jungle and always took care of us, we felt totally safe with him. Compared to other companies this tour is more expensive, but very reliable. It was worth it and we would totally do it again.


Money well spent. What a wonderfull day 7 strangers had. Those beuatiful elephants have their mahoots well trained. All we could see was loving, caring relationships, which we were privileged to enjoy. I have never spent half a day being trained by an elephant, they got us to do exactly what they wanted. Toto’s Elephant Training? What a fabulous organization. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. Everything was taken care of. Such superb organization by such friendly and charming people. Don’t consider any other tour, choose Toto.

Dietmar & Brigitte (Germany)

Wir hatten in der Vorbereitung unserer ersten Thailand Reise überhaupt bereits einiges im Internet gefunden zu diversen Elephant-Camps und fanden es nicht so toll was dort so mit den Tieren veranstaltet wird.
Darum waren wir sehr erfreut, dass unsere Guesthouse-Family vom Jungala Guesthouse, Chiang Mai uns diesbezüglich bei Toto mit seinen Tieren beruhigen konnte.
Der Tagesausflug mit Toto, seinem Team und seinen Elefanten zählt definitiv zu den Highlights unseres Thailand Urlaubs!!
Perfekte Organisation vom Guesthouse zum Camp im Dschungel und zurück. Toto erklärte uns ganz viel zu diesen Urwaldriesen, ihrer artgerechten Haltung und zur Haltung speziell in seinem Camp.
Hier kommen die Touris nicht mit Bussen im 10 Minuten Takt. Beide Spezies haben ausreichend Gelegenheit sich zu beschnuppern, Leckerchen füttern bevor es das erst Mal heißt: Aufsteigen. Und zwar bare-back! Also nicht in so einem Drahtkorb, einer rechts, der andere links. Bare-back, barfuß und in traditioneller Mahout-Kluft.
Die Elefanten bespritzen sich unterwegs mit Wasser und Schlamm, eben auch wenn jemand auf ihren reitet :-0.
Nach der Dschungeltour hatten die Frauen der Mahouts, die ebenfalls in dem einfachen Camp leben für uns eine sehr leckere Mahlzeit zubereitet. Zu jeder Zeit gab es ausreichend Wasser, Toilette und Dusche.
Der Spaß für die Touris ist das eine, das Leben der Tiere und derer, die für sie sorgen das andere. Bei Toto passt alles und wir wollen uns nochmals auch auf diese Weise bei ihm und seinem Team bedanken!
Wir würden dieses Erlebnis bei Chiang Mai Jungle Trekking jederzeit wieder buchen!

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